This year, Amsterdam hosted the 5th annual A4U Expo. This was a smaller event compared to those in the US, but with just as much talent. You could argue that they are a little more concentrated on the business over there. With Diablo Global taking off, we knew we had to represent our company in a big way. So, we went ahead and locked in a sponsorship position months prior to the event. Not only did we provide everyone involved with Diablo flair, but we sent a couple members of our Global Team overseas to get down to business.

After a two hour flight to Houston, and an eight hour flight over the Atlantic, our team touched down in Amsterdam. We booked them a couple rooms at the well-reviewed, and centrally located Inntel Hotel. They had great things to say about their stay, so props to the staff. Also, without surprise, they raved about how beautiful the city is.


We went to the A4U Expo in Amsterdam for a few reasons:

  1. Generate a new pool of international partners for our growing global initiative.
  2. Absorb as much industry insight and forecasts as humanly possible.
  3. Represent Diablo Global in a world-class way.

As we debriefed our team, it was great to see their hands full of new business. The majority of their stay was spent meeting with prospective partners, while somehow finding the time to meet with those we currently do business with.

Aside from a detailed report on every meal they ate, our team said the A4U expo was a classy and informative event. We asked Kelli, our Global Affiliate Manager, to share a few insights she took from the keynote speakers.

Day 1 – Affiliate Mobile 101: Kick-start your Mobile Success

  • Smartphone ownership could very well plane off in 2016.
  • 75% of eCommerce comes from western Europe (UK, Germany, France to be precise).
  • Apparel, event, and hotel verticals are most likely to convert.

Day 2 – Dual-Screening and the Convergence of Engagement

  • In 2014, more people will use their mobile device over their PC.
  • Today people are using smart TVs – 48% stream content online, 87% noticed ads.
  • 30 million people watch video online daily all because of the cloud.
  • The tablet has become a portable TV.
  • In 2012, video represented 40% of all internet traffic. By 2014, video will represent 91%.
  • Why is video so big? It evokes emotion in a way no other form of media is capable of.
  • It’s hard for people to unplug these days. 84% of people watching TV are simultaneously using another device.

Going overseas to represent Diablo Media in a world-class way helped us develop a more holistic understanding of our global market. Diablo Global has not stopped growing since it was started, and we don’t see it slowing down anytime soon. If you want to know more, or are interested in partnering with us, send us a message at or give us a call at +1 (303) 305 4052.



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